Olaplex Treatment No 1, 2 and 3

Thinking of going blonde? Think Olaplex. Many us start to lighten our hair in preparation for the summer months. Something about summer makes us think lighter is better. This also means our hair undergoes excess damage from sun exposure and chemical processing. All the heat, chemicals, salt and sun can truly wreck havoc on our hair. For those struggling with going lighter, there are two great options for keeping your hair looking amazing and staying healthy.

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Breast Cancer

Six months ago I went for my first mammogram. Having turned 40 this year, my OBGYN reminded me it was time. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous. I had heard the testing was painful and uncomfortable. I didn’t look forward to going through process or having to worry about results. Not that I expected to have any negative results given to me. I do not have any history of Breast Cancer in my family. However this is just one of those things you don’t forward to.

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Lash Perming and Lash Tinting

Always ready to try new things, I was very excited to try lash perming and lash tinting. The idea of having darker and curled lashes without the need for mascara is very exciting. The one thing I never leave the house without is mascara. I never use a lash curler, however that is simply because I am a bit lazy when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Getting my four year old and myself ready for school in the morning means I have very little prep time. Mornings allow me enough time to take a shower, brush my hair, apply blush, mascara and get out the door.

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Teaching and Showing Kindness

It seems more and more we are seeing a need for a change in our world and in our hearts. As a mother, it worries me to see the rage all around. It seems people are angrier than ever. We are less tolerant and there is less kindness than ever in our world. And this is creating a very scary world for our children.

I do not recall violence in my school. I cannot recall ever having to worry about a school shooting. When I think back to the world I grew up in and compare that to the world my son is growing up in, it troubles me.I want my son to go to school and be happy. I want him to have friends. I want him to treat everyone kindly and in return be treated kindly as well.

That word…kindness… seems so important right now. I have always taught Joseph to be kind. To be kind to everyone. I have taught him throughout his almost 5 years in this world, that everyone deserves a smile. I have taught him that everyone deserves a kindness. Everyone deserves kindness as does he.

My contributions to this world is to try my best to bring up a kind human being. I want my son to grow up to be a gentleman. A man that respects women. A man that respects everyone. I want him to understand that you never really know what is going on in anyone else’s world. They may seem fine on the outside, but you never know what is going on inside.

For this reason alone, I think kindness is so important. It is my belief, my hope… that if we just treat everyone with a little more kindness it may help heal this very angry world we live in. It certainly needs to heal in order to allow our children to grow up to be happy and secure.

Kindness is a very strong word. I believe kindness can help change our world. You may call me naive, but I do believe it and I am teaching my son to believe the same. I am teaching him the strength of a smile. The power of a kind gesture. I am teaching my son that kindness opens hearts and creates acceptance.

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Best Hand Lotion for Soft Hands

As a stay at home mother I am always using my hands. If not making lunch for my little one, or cleaning up after his messes, I am doing laundry or cleaning all around the house. It is certainly a nonstop job. I can tell you one thing for sure, it was much easier to be part of the work force than to stay at home and take care of my family. Unfortunately it is my hands and nails that suffer the most. My manicurist is always telling me to wear gloves. For the most part I do wear gloves, especially when cleaning the house. However, I can’t reach for gloves every time I go to wash a dish, or clean something. It is just not practical. Needless to say, soft and moisturized hands and nails are very difficult for me to maintain.

Luckily, I have learned a few easy tricks to keep soft and moisturized hands and nails by finding the best hand lotion out there. First and foremost, I am now an avid shopper for hand lotions. I must own at least 10 lotions at any time. I am always looking for something that both smells amazing and feels lightweight. The one thing I cannot stand is when a lotion feels greasy. I know that those are the ones that are super thick and coat your skin, but I just don’t like that feeling. I like lightweight and I like a soft scent.

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Healthy Hair on the Go

When on the go it is sometimes difficult to maintain healthy hair that looks and feels great. For us busy, busy hair enthusiasts it is always exciting when we find a product that makes maintaining our hair easy. One of our latest finds which we are excited about is the Kerastase Chronologist Parfum Oil for All Hair Types. For those familiar with the Chronologist line, it is all about healthy hair!

This amazing and beautiful smelling oil melts into your hair. No greasy residue, no oily appearance. It quickly absorbed, leaving your hair looking, feeling and smelling beautiful. Chronologist Parfum Oil helps guard your hair from dryness, dullness and fights frizz. There is simply an endless list of benefits from this amazing perfumed oil. Best of all it offers healthy hair to everyone, no matter what hair type you have.

The travel vials are amazing because you can keep them in your makeup bag. At the end of a busy day all you have to do is add a couple drops of Kerastase Chronologist Parfum Oil and your hair is revived and transformed. Maintaining healthy hair and beautiful hair on the go is truly easy when you have the right tool! Try Kerastase Chronologist Parfum Oil in travel sized vials for every day perfect hair.

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Keratin Serum

Keratin is one of the ingredients that I consider a must for my hair. Always in a constant struggle to get my hair to behave and ward away frizz simply becomes more challenging by the day. This is why when I find a new hair product that actually works, I become beyond excited. I know this sounds silly for most, but for those hair obsessed girls like myself, I am sure you understand.

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Are you Getting the Best Deal on Your Favorite Products?

For most of us “savvy shoppers” we are constantly on the lookout for the best deal. This means searching through the many marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Jet and Ebay and trying to find the best deal on our favorite products. Unfortunately, many of us have become comfortable with one market place in specific, Amazon.com. Yes, good old reliable Amazon is the first and only stop for most shoppers these days.

What is the reason for Amazon’s takeover of the market place search? The answer is easy, they deliver fast and offer the customer 100% guaranteed service. This means you get your money back no matter what(many times at the expense of the seller). Yes this is a great feature if your a buyer, but at the cost of what exactly are we receiving this super fast shipping and satisfaction guarantee? The cost is paying retail and sometimes over retail on many of our favorite brands and no longer getting the best deal.

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The Price of Healing

The price of healing healing can be quite high when you start searching for an effective treatment for your skin. I recently experienced a terrible incident using Nair on my face. I was using the cream to remove those annoying hairs at the edge of my lips and sideburns. Having used Nair many times before, I never expected an adverse reaction.

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How to Apply Face Moisturizer

When it comes to knowing how to apply face moisturizer, most of us having been doing it all wrong. Moisturizing is a must, but it is also something that takes time. You cannot just wash your face and apply your face up with moisturizer. Before you apply your face moisturizer there a few key steps that make a big difference in how your face feels and looks.

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