Best Way to Apply Moisturizer

Two of the most important steps to your daily skincare include cleansing and moisturizing. For this very reason, it is so important to know how to do each step properly, as to assure that your skin is getting the best care with each step. Knowing how to apply your moisturizer may seem as a very simple process, but there actually is a correct way to go about it.

Moisturizing is as important as drinking water for your skin. Ewe simply cannot say it enough, the number one cause of aging is dehydration. Your skin needs hydration, it needs to maintain its moisture levels and when it is properly cared for, it simply looks healthier, more youthful and more plump. No matter what type of skin you may have, hydration and moisture are on the top on your list for healthy and youthful skin.

To get the most out of your moisturizer, apply onto clean and slightly damp skin. Skin that is damp is more able to absorb creams and lotions. The slight dampness of the skin also allows the moisturizer to truly lock in moisture and assure that your skin is protected from dryness and dehydration.

We also suggest that you think of applying a facial oil after your moisturizer. The facial oil will not replace your moisturizer; it will help to enhance it. Facial oils add an extra layer of moisture and help to protect your skin from environmental residue acting as an additional layer.

When applying your moisturizer, always use your fingertips. Start at the center of your face and work your way out as if you are gently massaging your skin. This outward motion helps to promote circulation and also helps to assure the moisturizer is being absorbed.

Applying your moisturizer is very easy, however there is a right way and a wrong way! Make sure you are making the most out of your moisturizer; after all moisturized skin is youthful skin.

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