How to use Bioderma Crealine Solution Micellaire

Bioderma Solution Micellaire is a multi-tasking skin wonder. For those who are not familiar with micellar water, let’s start with a brief introduction. Micellaire water has for years, and years been the most popular cleanser throughout France. This is a multi-functional product that can be used as a make-up remover, cleanser, toner, and skin refresher. It is light, nourishing, and absolutely refreshing.

Created mostly of oil-based ingredients, micellar water is the perfect cleanser, toner and makeup remover for all skin types. It does not require you to wash it out, and leaves skin soft and free of residue without depleting your skin of its natural moisture. The main ingredient in micellar water is micelles. Micelles are created when soap molecules are added to water. therefore micellar water is basically soap molecules that have been mixed with water. When make-up, dirt, oil, and environmental impurities are exposed to micelles the result is that all these impurities are quickly lifted out of the skin, without depleting moisture.

When utilizing micellar water to cleanse, you simply apply it onto a cotton swab and then gently dab onto the skin. When using micellar water to remove water-proof makeup, dab the cotton swab onto eyes and leave there allowing the makeup to start to be removed from the lashes. You never have to rub harshly when using micellar water.

You can also utilize micellar water as a toner to helo nourish skin and bring your skin back to its regular ph levels, and as a skin refresher when exposed to heat, or when you feel your skin needs a bit of moisture.

This is simply an all in one, nourishing, and skin-enhancing product. I personally use it as my morning cleanser. It helps to refresh my skin, and prep it for the day and makeup application. At night I use it to remove my mascara, and fro time to time I spritz it on my skin when at the park to help refresh my skin. Micellaire water is a beauty maker! try it today and see the difference within your skin.

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