How to use Ceramides for Youthful Skin

Ceramides are a must for anyone who is concerned with maintaining their sin healthy, radiant and youthful. Naturally found within your skin’s epidermal layer, ceramides are the binding element that help to maintain your skin protected from fine lines and dryness. They maintain your skins moisture protected and help to create a smooth surface.

Being someone that is absolutely obsessed with skincare, I am always on the lookout for new products to try. There are very few that I can say I have stuck to over time and continued to purchase. Among those cult favorites of my own are the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules.

The Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules are basically little gel capsules full of ceramide serum. The serum is super smooth and easily glides onto skin and absorbs. They leave your skin feeling smooth and super hydrated. I like to use them when I travel as they are so easy to take with you. I also love that these little capsules can be used so many other ways.

I use the ceramide capsules on my cuticles when they are dry. They leave my hands smooth and my nails and cuticles looking super healthy. I use them on my feet when I sleep with socks in the winter to also moisturize my cuticles! I find they are such a great source of hydration that sometimes I even use them all over as a body moisturizer when I travel. These little capsules can simply do no wrong.

If you are searching for a moisture rich product to use at home or on the go, these little capsules are a must try!

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