How to Wash Your Face

Always in search for ways to help my skin look more radiant, I recently started doing research on cleansing. To my surprise there is actually a correct way to wash your face. It is not all about scrubbing and drying. The way you wash your face can either improve your circulation and overall radiance, or cause irritation. The first rule to correctly cleansing your skin is to be gentle. When you are not gentle to your skin, you not only cause irritation but fine lines as well.

Begin your cleansing routine by prepping your skin with warm water. The warm temperature will help open up your pores, allowing you to remove excess oil and dirt that can later cause acne and dullness. A warm hand towel on your face for 5 seconds is the perfect way to prep your skin. Next, apply your cleanser by rubbing it first onto your fingertips and then in a circular motion onto your face and neck. Start from the inside of your face, around the nose towards the outside and neck. Gently, using your fingertips, massage the cleanser to stimulate circulation.

You can rinse your cleanser in one of two ways. You can either use a washcloth and gently pat your skin until all cleanser is washed away, or You can gently splash water onto your skin to remove the cleanser. Once your face is clean, do not wash it again. Over cleansing dries our your skin. Your next step is to spritz your face and neck with toner or rose water. I prefer rose water, it is both hydrating and calming. Then with a tissue (not a towel) gently dry your skin by dabbing the tissue on your skin. Do not rub!

Now your skin is clean and ready for your moisturizer. Cleansing is easy when you understand it is a ritual that requires care. Once you know how to properly cleanse you will see a huge difference in your skin and complexion.

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