My Skincare Obsessions

If I were to name the two things I am obsessed about, the first would be my son and the second would be skincare. I am a self proclaimed skincare junkie. I have countelss serums, oils, creams, toners at all times available. You may think I cannot realistically use them all! The truth is, I do. I interchange between the products I have. There is a use and a time for every single oil, serum, toner and cream.

For those who can relate to my skincare obsession, you understand that skincare is critical. We spend thousands on Botox, Fillers and so many other cosmetic procedures. My thinking is…were we to simply take better care of our skin from the beginning we would not need to spend as much on cosmetic procedures!

My first skincare obsession is skin oil. I love how skin oils feel. I love how they leave my skin glowing and I truly love the difference I have seen in my skin since using skin oil both during the day and at night. My all time favorite skin oil is a cult favorite. Vinter’s Daughter is the Holy Grail of skin oils. Anyone that is skincare obsessed knows about this oil. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is as amazing as it is pricey.

If the Vinter’s Daughter Oil is a bit too pricey, you want to try a great alternative. I have been using the Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules on alternating days. These capsules are full of the smoothest and silkiest oil ever. leaves your skin so soft, glowing and super moisturized. I even like to use them on my cuticles! The price is very reasonable, therefore you won’t need to break the bank with each purchase. The ceramide formula is a super anti aging mix that truly enhances your skins overall feel and glow.

I am also obsessed with serums. For those wondering, yes there is a difference between a face oil and a face serum. Serums are packed with antioxidants. They are more lightweight. They are applied after your skin oil and also help increase radiance. Serums are a big help with regards to anti aging. They help to diminish fine lines, sun spots and truly help to keep your skin looking youthful. I recently discovered a great eye serum that is packed with vitamin C. Prevage Anti Aging Eye Serum. This little tube helps to almost instantly erase dark circles around the eyes. It also helps to promote brighter eyes.

My go to day and night time cream as of lately has been La Prairie Anti Stress Cream. The feel of this cream is amazing. Your skin immediately feels so soft and so happy. Yes, my skin actually feels happy. It is a great anti aging, anti fatigue cream that moms like myself truly love. It is a great pick me up for those Mondays especially after an entire weekend of running around with my son.

I also love to use Sunday Riley Good Genes. I use this cream mostly at night. The AHA formula helps to create a refreshed look in the morning and promotes cell regeneration. It is super lightweight and truly leaves your skin looking younger.

These are just some of my all time favorite and can’t be without skincare products. There are so many more! As I stated earlier I truly believe in skincare. I think if you take good care of your skin there is less reason to go towards more evassive procedures later. Spend a little more now and save a lot later in life girls!

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