Olaplex Treatment No 1, 2 and 3

Thinking of going blonde? Think Olaplex. Many us start to lighten our hair in preparation for the summer months. Something about summer makes us think lighter is better. This also means our hair undergoes excess damage from sun exposure and chemical processing. All the heat, chemicals, salt and sun can truly wreck havoc on our hair. For those struggling with going lighter, there are two great options for keeping your hair looking amazing and staying healthy.

The first is the Olaplex No 1 & 2 Treatments. Olaplex has become a favorite of many hairdressers, as it allows you to lighten your hair dramatically while providing dramatic reconstruction for your hair. The Olaplex 1 & 2 treatments work together to help prevent breakage, dryness and reinforce your hair after bleaching. Your hairdresser should add Olpalex No 1 to the actual hair color or hair lightener. This part of the treatment prevents your hair from breaking, drying out or becoming excessively damaged.

Once you hair color is applied and washed off, Olaplex Number 2 is used as an after shampoo treatment to help reconstruct the hair shaft and redeposit moisture into your hair. This means less frizz, less breakage and smoother, healthier, shinier hair. Used together these two treatments truly make going lighter easier on your hair!

The last part of the Olaplex Treatment is No 3. This is your take home treatment. Think of it has your weekly hair mask. Olaplex No 3 used once a week on damp hair after shampooing will help nourish, protect and enhance shine. The first two treatments are best applied by a professional. The last can easily be applied at home.All you need to do is leave this miracle treatment on your hair for 30 minutes and you will see an amazing difference.

Olaplex can be used by those going blonde, getting highlights or even simply going a shade lighter. This is not a treatment just for those who want a dramatic change. What we love about Olplex No 3 is that even if you do not bleach your hair, it is a great home treatment to prevent hair damage. it is ultra moisturizing, adds incredible shine and truly helps to rebuild the hair shaft.

Summer is can be truly chaotic for our hair. However if we have the right tools we can certainly prevent the damage and enhance our hair’s ultimate beauty.

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