Why get a Keratin Treatment?

There is nothing more frustrating than going outside and having your beautiful hairstyle turn into a bird’s nest! Frizz is not our friend, neither is humidity. It simply makes it tougher for us to maintain control of our hair. Luckily for us, Keratin Complex has created an array of different smoothing systems that basically take care of any and all hair concerns.

Let’s start by understanding why we need keratin replenishment. Our hair is made of 90% keratin. With age, chemical styling, and environmental damage we start to lose these natural keratin bonds, and out hair becomes both weak and dull. Keratin protects your hair both internally and externally. Internally it keeps it from breaking and maintains the hair shaft strong. Externally it protects it from dullness.

Keratin treatments today do more than smooth hair. They add shine, strengthen the inner hair shaft, enhance elasticity, protect against frizz, and cut down on styling time. The new versions of natural keratin, are FDA approved and are void of the toxic ingredients which the original; treatments were made.

Keratin Complex has created an array of Natural Keratin Treatments that help to smooth, enhance shine, protect, and strengthen your hair. These treatments are customized for your hair types, hair color, and desired finish. Within this new family of natural keratin treatments is the classic, Keratin Complex Natural Smoothing Keratin Treatment. This treatment can be used by all hair types. It is created to help create smoother hair, with enhanced shine and reduce styling time. This is not a straightening treatment! This is a smoothing treatment, which basically means it helps to smoothen your hair, not straighten it. therefore if you have very curly hair, your hair will not dry straight! It will dry with less curl.

There is also a Natural Treatment for Blondes. This treatment is designed for those with weak and damaged hair. It is created for more sensitive hair. The process for application differed in regards to the initial wash, however, it yields the same results as with the regular Natural Keratin Treatment.

There is the Express Blowout, created for those who do not want to spend over an hour at the salon. The Express Blowout offers the same smoothing and strengthening results, however, it lasts less time. This treatment usually only takes about an hour to apply and allows you to wash your hair the same day.

Lastly, there is the Personalized Blowout Treatment. This treatment allows you to customize your results. You can create super smooth hair, or define your natural curls. This is a personalized treatment that enhances shine, style and strength.

Natural keratin Treatments can truly enhance all hair types. It is a natural boost to your hair’s overall health and shine. Maintenance for these treatments is quite easy as well. Using a sulfate free shampoo maintains the treatment longer. Want healthy, shiny hair? try a Natural Keratin Treatment!

There is a Natural keratin Treatment to enhance every hair type!

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