Beautyvice Review: Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution

I wanted to do a quick test of this eye makeup remover because I felt my go-to makeup wipes were becoming a bit harsh. Let me start out by saying that I do not have particularly sensitive skin. Despite what I use on my face, I really do not have breakouts. However, I typically use […]

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Coconut Oil – Get On The Bandwagon

By now we’ve all heard the million and one health and beauty benefits from coconut oil, right? But can swishing this goop around in our mouths and smearing it all over our bodies really be worth it? Yes. The answer is 100% yes.

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Natural Remedies for Flu Symptoms

I’m writing this blog post from my bed on a gloomy, rainy (and dare I say, almost cold) Tuesday afternoon in Miami. No, I don’t have the day off; I have the beginnings of the flu. Given the situation I am in, I decided to share some of my favorite remedies for flu symptoms, which […]

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Mommy Beauty Tips

Our Mommy & Me section shares insight on bringing up a happy child, building your relationship with your child, as well as education and developmental news. These articles come from one mother to another (or father) in hopes that we can build a better world for our children, through experience and love.

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Just have fun. Smile.

Our beauty section brings the latest trends to you, as well as information on helping your skin look its best. We love everything that is beautiful, from makeup to skincare to fragrances and certainly want to offer you our keen insight on how to feel more beautiful every day. We understand that the health & […]

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Your Everyday Lifestyle

Our lifestyle section brings a little of everything your way. This includes healthy eating, exercise, meditation and overall day to day life. We also discuss books, movies, and current events that we enjoy bringing to you. The lifestyle section of the Beautyvice Blog is all about living to your fullest potential and enjoying every moment […]

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Keep Things Simple and Fashion

Our Fashion section offers you the latest news on fashion throughout the world. This includes fashion week coverage and the latest new designers so that you always know what is in vogue. We all love fashion and certainly want to share all our current obsessions from shoes to the latest must-have handbags. Because we live […]

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