Teaching and Showing Kindness

It seems more and more we are seeing a need for a change in our world and in our hearts. As a mother, it worries me to see the rage all around. It seems people are angrier than ever. We are less tolerant and there is less kindness than ever in our world. And this […]

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Skin Care Safe for both Mommy and Me

When you are a mom many things change, especially your skin care. One of the most noticeable changes being your day to day interests and priorities. As a mother you start to analyze things that you simply took for granted prior to your baby. Let’s discuss skincare for example. I used to try anything that […]

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Father’s Day

Father’s DaY is this weekend and many of us mothers are running about looking for the perfect gift for that special man that has a special place in our child’s’ heart. The strange thing about Father’s Day is that unlike Mother’s Day, it really doesn’t get the same amount of popularity, the commotion is a […]

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Tips for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here and many of us parents are wondering what to do with the kids. When you have kids, it all of a sudden becomes a little more difficult to plan because now you have to take their schedules into consideration, especially if they are younger. Once they become teens it’s much […]

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Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, most of us are running around shopping for that special mother, grandmother, teacher, stepmother, etc.…in our life. It is a day full of flowers, food, perfume, and celebration. Having just experienced my first Mother’s Day just two years ago, I now have a new appreciation for what this […]

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Learning Through Experience

As a mother and a teacher, the one thing I have learned is that children learn through experience; hands-on learning opportunities that show up throughout the day. Practices such as becoming book smart, counting and simple everyday skills

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