DIY Rosewater

One of my favorite things to have in hand is Rosewater. I not only love the smell, but I love how refreshing it is for the skin. I use Rosewater on my face as a toner, on my skin, my hair, and I even use it as a room mist to add a light fragrance […]

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All Natural Tooth Whitening

We all want to have a beautiful smile. This means making sure our teeth are not only healthy but also stain free. Getting stains off our teeth can be costly. Wether you choose the DIY tooth whitening kits or go to a professional, it gets expensive over time. Even worst, it also means using harsh […]

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What Causes Frizz and How to Prevent It

Unmanageable and frizzy hair can be both time consuming and frustrating. For those who struggle with hard to manage hair, there are several ways to resolve your hair dilemma. Frizz is the most common hair complaint hair dressers receive. Your hair is made up of three layers: the cortex layer, the cuticle layer and the […]

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