Fashion For The Holy Days: The Perfect Gift For Hanukkah


I keep saying the holidays are coming up, but for some of us, the holidays are already here – Hanukah started December 6th and ends December 14th. Hanukkah (or Chanukah) is the Jewish festival of lights and sometimes overlaps with Christmas.

If you’re in the market for trendy yet witty holiday-themed gift, look no further than Kosher 90210, an upscale Kosher certification and lifestyle fashion brand. Based in Los Angeles, Kosher 90210 makes some very chic apparel that’s easily giftable. You can pick up some merchandise from their website, or from the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills (the most luxurious hotel in America, in my option.) Shirts have been spotted on celebs like Joe Jonas and basketball player Baron Davis, so you know they’re hot.

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