The Leather Tote


If there is one accessory every woman has in her closet, it is a large leather tote. It can be faux leather, real leather a combination of. The tote bag is a must to your wardrobe; especially for the summer months when we start to pack a little more in our bag for after work activities. As a mom, I know that the beauty of a tote bag is not only the fact that it looks super chic, but that I can stuff it with the essentials for my son and I to get out for the day.

The leather tote is got its origin from the idea of the shopping bag. It is a large bag that you can put everything in and run around in comfort with. It has taken many shapes within the past years, but remains a must for any woman’s closet. Lately you may see more and more of the cloth tote bags that are printed with images in the front. Those are especially trendy right now. However the fact is, that the tote is a must.

Let your leather tote represent your personality.
Let your leather tote represent your personality.


In summer we always tend to carry a lot with us. We could do this on our way to the beach, the gym, an afterword dinner, or simply a weekend getaway. This is when your leather tote comes in handy. You can pack it with all the essentials you need and be prepared and fashionable.

leather tote

My favorite way to pack my leather tote as a mother? I carry all my sons must-haves; a change of clothes, diapers, a snack, water and of course his I-pad. Then there are my must haves…my makeup bag, wallet, sunglasses and water bottle. There is simply not enough I can pack into my tote to be prepared for a day out and about with the little one.

So girls if you are looking for a great way to stay chic and be ready for whatever is to come on a busy day, the leather tote is the handbag for you!

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