Tips for Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day weekend is here and many of us parents are wondering what to do with the kids. When you have kids, it all of a sudden becomes a little more difficult to plan because now you have to take their schedules into consideration, especially if they are younger. Once they become teens it’s much easier as they just go with the flow (that is when they are not too busy with their own plans).

One idea for the Memorial Day weekend is to, of course, get away to an amusement park! Disney anyone? I personally would skip this idea as it truly is the worst time to go with a small child. The lines, the heat, the heat, the lines. It is like putting yourself in the jungle with a screaming child that will be going through a variety of emotions, most which will drive you crazy such as hunger, being hot, being tired, and being cranky. It is just not fun. I actually had the option of going to Disney this month for my son’s birthday and the answer was NO! I think I will wait until the season is over and the heat has dissipated a bit.

So, what can you really do? Easy fellow parents, create your own outdoor fun for you and the children for Memorial Day! Go to the park for a late afternoon picnic. This is a great way to spend the day. All you need is to pack some sandwiches, cold drinks, chips and fruit. You bring a blanket, some books, and a ball and you’re all set. You can even ride your bikes over and forget the car for the day. It is important to teach our children the value of being outside and enjoying time in the fresh air. Yes it is hot, but if you find a nice spot under a tree it will be charming.

Planting a garden in your yard is another great way to spend the day. This weekend my son and I are going to plant an herb garden. I thought this would be a great way to teach him about planting and taking care of our Earth. All you need is seeds, a patch of dirt and some signs so that you can keep track of the herbs or flowers you have in the garden. It does not need to be a big garden either! A small one is actually perfect, especially if you have little ones as this will become their little spot, their piece of Earth that they have created and nurtured into something beautiful.

Another great idea for Memorial Day Weekend is to grab a picnic and take it to the beach! Again outdoors fun that will provide entertainment for everyone in the family. Most important of all is to pack snacks and drinks for everyone so that everyone is happy and hydrated. You also need to pack your best sunscreen and hats as well! Keeping your family safe for the Memorial Day weekend is ver important, just as important as keeping it together.

Make Memorial Day Weekend one that is full of outdoor activities that help your children become enriched through experience and sharing. These are great opportunities to build lifelong memories and traditions that will later become dear to your family.

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