Father’s Day

Father’s DaY is this weekend and many of us mothers are running about looking for the perfect gift for that special man that has a special place in our child’s’ heart. The strange thing about Father’s Day is that unlike Mother’s Day, it really doesn’t get the same amount of popularity, the commotion is a lot less for this day. Why is this? Well maybe because we mothers simply like to be showered with gifts while fathers tend to be more laid back and just want to have a day out with the family. Maybe this could simply be because everyone sees the mother as the main caretaker of the child?

For whatever reason, the fact is that fathers are just as important as mothers. Fathers are an integral part of a child’s development. My father is someone that will always be important in my life. And although he is not with me anymore physically, spiritually he always will be. He was the one that taught me my work ethic and showed me the importance of making my own money. He instilled in me the idea that a woman should not be dependent on a man, she should be independent and strong and able to make her own moves.

Mothers are at times a little resistant to letting fathers handle the kids. I know that I certainly am with regards to my little one. It is a funny thing because I think as a mother I just feel my way is right; that I have more control and that maybe something terrible will happen if I leave them to themselves. It is silly but true! But the truth is that all children need this dual upbringing in order to be balanced. I know sometimes it may seem as if they are playing too rough, and I worry they will get hurt. Or I get annoyed that the screaming is too crazy, but again he is a little boy and he is having a blast with his father doing what fathers and sons do best; roughhouse.


Fathers are amazing! They offer what many of us first-time moms cannot, rationale! I know that I appreciate my son’s father with all my heart. He adores him and would do anything for him. He is strong and sees things rationally when I see things emotionally. He doesn’t see development as a race, when I am looking to see if my son has met all the benchmarks. He stays calm on the way to the ER when I am sobbing in tears. My son’s father is the Ying to my Yang and that is what makes us a great team.

On Father’s Day all us mothers should take a moment to say thank you to that special “father” that helps us center our children and helps us create the perfect balance so that our children grow up strong and happy and secure. Parenting is not about doing it alone, it is about finding the right support system and I am very grateful to have a great support system in the man that my son calls Papa.

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