Skin Care Safe for both Mommy and Me


When you are a mom many things change, especially your skin care. One of the most noticeable changes being your day to day interests and priorities. As a mother you start to analyze things that you simply took for granted prior to your baby. Let’s discuss skincare for example. I used to try anything that promised younger and glowing skin.I didn’t ask how it achieved the results, I just went straight for the end point. As a mother I have noticed that I have started to look at the ingredients in my skincare. Analyzing the ingredients on my daily moisturizer was never something I did, but now I feel it is a must. This new found awareness has truly opened my eyes to how chemically enhanced most skincare products seem to be.

Why does it matter if my moisturizer has chemicals in it? Simple, because my skin touches my son’s skin all day long. Lets be honest, mothers are always hugging, kissing, holding, and simply nurturing their little ones. During all this contact our skin makes contact with theirs, and I certainly do not want harsh chemicals to end up on my son’s extra sensitive skin. I also find that many times, I end up sharing products with him. This may seem crazy to those without children, but those with children certainly understand the convenience of sharing. I like having one sunscreen that I can keep in my bag and use both on my son and myself. I enjoy being able to use a moisturizer on him as well as on my skin. It just makes life much easier when you can share.

For this reason, since being a mom I am always on the lookout for the best skin care products for sensitive skin, like my son has. I have found two companies that I really love and which offer a variety of products that can be used by both my son and myself and provide great results for us both! The first is Avene. Avene is a European brand that makes amazing sunscreen. Their sunscreen,Eau Thermale Solaire High Protection Milk SPF 50+ is ultra sensitive and offers high sun protection, perfect for those days at the park or at the beach. Avene products are also infused with water so that they do not dry out your skin.

Being a mother means being aware of the products you use on your child's and your own skin, read about some skin care products that are mommy and baby safe.

The second line that I love is Dr Hauschka. The Dr Hauschka skin care line offers all natural products that are safe on all skin types. My favorite is their Rose Day Cream Light Moisturizer. It smells like roses and offers lightweight moisture for face and body. I like to use this cream on my son’s legs and feet for extra moisture. Finding safe skin care products makes a huge difference when you are a mom. Safe skin care is not too hard to find anymore, but it still requires a little looking into.

Being a mother means being aware of the products you use on your child's and your own skin, read about some skin care products that are mommy and baby safe.

Healthy skin for your children and yourself is so very important, and the first step towards achieving healthy skin is healthy and natural skin care!

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