Terror In Brussels, Brings Fear To A Mother’s Heart


I woke up today just like any other day, with my beautiful 2-year-old son in my arms looking forward to a new adventure; as each day is when you are raising a 2-year-old. As I turn on the TV I am saddened to hear about yet another terrorist attack in Europe. Terror in Brussels, as attacks on the capital of Belgian take place leaving 26 confirmed dead so far.

As I watch the devastating scenes from the bombings at the Brussels airport and subway it saddens me to realize that my children are growing up in a world full of hate. Watching the countless people injured, in tears and fear at the Brussels airport and subway brought fear to my heart, because although we are far away from all these terrorist attacks in Europe the danger still lingers over us. While we have a vast ocean between us, we remain one united people that are under attack and that is a very alarming idea for a mother.

As a mother I want my son to grow up with love, kindness, and acceptance in his heart. I work hard every day as so many other mothers do to raise my child so that he is happy and safe. Unfortunately, we can only shelter our children from the world to a certain extent, they will one day grow up to see the appalling scenes on TV, experience hatred and prejudice for themselves and realize that their world is no longer the warmth and safety they found within our arms.

Our children are growing up in a world that is hostile. We do not have to cross an ocean to experience it. Each time I see there is a shooting at a school it makes me cringe… our world, our planet is under attack by devastating hate and anger. What can we do as mothers? I believe it is our responsibility to teach our children to accept and love others, no matter their race or religion. We must try to make a change with this generation in hopes that maybe they can teach the world how to believe again, trust again, and live in a world where we can drop off our children at school without fear, travel on a plane without fear and go to sleep knowing we will wake up safe. This may be idealistic of me but as a mother, that is what I hope for my child’s future. I want him to grow up safe and happy and loved.

Again it is up to us as parents to make this change, starting in our own home, playgrounds, and schools. Teaching our children to love and respect others. To be kind and accepting. To be peaceful citizens of our world.[/fusion_text]

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