The Price of Healing

The price of healing healing can be quite high when you start searching for an effective treatment for your skin. I recently experienced a terrible incident using Nair on my face. I was using the cream to remove those annoying hairs at the edge of my lips and sideburns. Having used Nair many times before, I never expected an adverse reaction.

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How to Apply Face Moisturizer

When it comes to knowing how to apply face moisturizer, most of us having been doing it all wrong. Moisturizing is a must, but it is also something that takes time. You cannot just wash your face and apply your face up with moisturizer. Before you apply your face moisturizer there a few key steps that make a big difference in how your face feels and looks.

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How to Wash Your Face

Always in search for ways to help my skin look more radiant, I recently started doing research on cleansing. To my surprise there is actually a correct way to wash your face. It is not all about scrubbing and drying. The way you wash your face can either improve your circulation and overall radiance, or cause irritation. The first rule to correctly cleansing your skin is to be gentle. When you are not gentle to your skin, you not only cause irritation but fine lines as well.

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All Natural Tooth Whitening


We all want to have a beautiful smile. This means making sure our teeth are not only healthy but also stain free. Getting stains off our teeth can be costly. Wether you choose the DIY tooth whitening kits or go to a professional, it gets expensive over time. Even worst, it also means using harsh chemicals. The good news is, there is an easy and all natural way to whiten your teeth. The secret ingredient to this all natural tooth whitening is probably sitting in your kitchen right now.

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October Birchbox

The October Birchbox is full of great skincare and haircare samples to test for exciting new beauty opportunities, a beauty box is all about testers!

My October Birchbox has just arrived in the mail. Each month I look forward to receiving their beauty box full of new samples. I just love samples! Samples offer a great opportunity to play with a product and see if it works for you. This is a great way to test things out before you invest in a full size product which can at times be expensive. There is nothing more exciting for me that to open these tiny boxes of beauty and play with whats inside.

This month my Birchbox has come with several great samples. First is the Amika Nourishing Mask. I have seen this product several times but have not purchased it. I already have so many hair masks. It always seems like a waste of money to purchase yet another. After trying it, I have to say it is a keeper! It left my newly bleached hair soft and full of shine. Best of all it smells amazing. I just love when haircare smells good, it makes the experience more spa-like.

Embryolisse Concentrated Moisturizer also came in the October Birchbox. I laughed out loud when I saw this sample. I have been thinking of purchasing Embryolisse for weeks. A bit obsessed with French Skincare, this moisturizer is on the top of every French beauty editors list. Although I purchased a full size prior to receiving my October Birchbox, I am happy to have a sample that I can take on trips. This is a great moisturizer. It is lightweight and packed with antioxidants to help create firmer and glowing skin. So happy with this product! I would recommend to anyone looking for a new anti-aging moisturizer.

The October Birchbox is full of great skincare and haircare samples to test for exciting new beauty opportunities, a beauty box is all about testers!

The last three product brands were new to me. I like receiving new brands because its a great way to discover new beauty opportunities. The Marcelle Mascara was ok. It claims to help curl and lengthen your lashes. I am a mascaraholic. I have tried every mascara I come across and expect my mascara to work wonders. My current favorite is YSL Faux Cils. I have not been able to find anything better. Marcelle was simply not amazing. It wasn’t terrible, but certainly didn’t impress me.

Sleep Mist by thisworks, was calming in the sense that it must contain lavender. It was a nice night-time touch to my sleep routine. I didn’t notice any huge difference in my sleep. The product claims to change your sleep dramatically, which I did not experience.

Lastly, I received a Loc Tati Eyeshadow Pencil. It came in a beautiful champaign color. I love this eyeshadow stick! It goes on smoothly and looks beautiful! So happy with this find.It also comes in the perfect size to put in your bag for touchups throughout the day.

Hope you enjoyed my review of the October Birchbox. Stay tuned for the Allure beauty Box and Sephora Insider Box as well. if you would like to watch my video for the October Birchbox simply click on the link.

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What Causes Frizz and How to Prevent It

Unmanageable and frizzy hair can be both time consuming and frustrating. For those who struggle with hard to manage hair, there are several ways to resolve your hair dilemma.

Frizz is the most common hair complaint hair dressers receive. Your hair is made up of three layers: the cortex layer, the cuticle layer and the medulla layer. The reason your hair becomes frizzy is because the cuticle layer becomes raised, allowing humidity to pass through the hair shaft and expand the overall cuticle. As a result, your hair appears dry and damaged instead of smooth and brilliant.

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Skin Care Safe for both Mommy and Me


When you are a mom many things change, especially your skin care. One of the most noticeable changes being your day to day interests and priorities. As a mother you start to analyze things that you simply took for granted prior to your baby. Let’s discuss skincare for example. I used to try anything that promised younger and glowing skin.

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July Picks for Favorite Beauty and Skincare Products


Every now and then there are a couple of amazing products that simply become must haves for my daily routine. There is a certain excitement when I find a new cleanser, moisturizer or blush that I cannot be without. This month my beauty obsessions range from classic to new and ultra trendy. Each product is absolutely fabulous and highly recommended for anyone that loves things that make you feel beautiful, help your skin glow and keep your hair brilliant.

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Sugarbearhair for Healthy Hair


Having just bleached my hair to lighten it, I am now obsessing over how to rehab it ASAP. Split ends and dry hair drive me crazy. So you can imagine that every time I look at my ends, feel my hair or look in the mirror and notice how dry my hair is, I start to twitch. At this point, “it is what it is”. There is nothing I can do about my hair other than start to bring it back to health. I have been doing the usual hair treatments every week. I have been using coconut oil every week as well. I have also tried to not heat style my hair more than once a week.

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Changing your Hair Color


From time to time I become obsessed with changing my hair color. I blame the magazines for this obsession, as every page has a beautiful golden blonde or golden brunette that simply cries out my name. The problem with this obsession of mine is the fact that I have jet-black hair and going from black to anything light is simply not a simple task. I have done this a couple times already. This won’t be my first time delving into the unknown of hair lightening. I have gone from black to brown, black to blonde; only to go right back to black.

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