How to use Rene Furterer: Nourishing Oil Ampules for Dry & Damaged Hair

Being stuck at home the past three months has truly allowed me the time to focus on some much-needed self-care. I have gone back to taking care of my own nails, skin, and hair. This is something that I did for many years, however, I have as of recently depended on the salon to care for these things. Quarantine for me has meant re-learning the essentials to self-care, especially for my hair.

I am a total mess when it comes to my hair! I am simply never satisfied with it. I change the color, I cut it, I add extensions, cut it again, bleach it, darken it, straighten it… the list just goes on and on. It is truly amazing my hairdresser has stuck around as long as she has. The past few months, however have forced me to STOP messing with my hair. I have not had the option to go to the salon and therefore have gone back to my hair basics. This includes, single process root coverage, cutting my ends, and treating it for major dryness and split ends!

It truly is amazing what a couple months of not wreaking havoc on your hair can do! I have found a great all-natural, ammonia-free semi-permanent hair color that allows me to cover my roots without depositing long-lasting and damaging color onto my hair. I have also discovered my ends can be easily trimmed, as my hair is all one length. Lastly, I have discovered the magic of essential oils for hair repair.

Essential oils are a savior for your hair! They do everything you can possibly think of. They add moisture. Repair the hair strand, soften hair, enhance shine, and repair split ends. I found the BEST oil ampules for those who have dry, damaged, or dull hair. The Rene Furterer Karite Nutri Intense Nourishing Oil Treatment is the perfect weekly hair treatment to revive hair that needs a lot of TLC. These moisture-rich oil ampules truly make a big difference in your hair’s overall health. Used once a week, they will boost shine, repair breakage, and protect your hair from dryness and further damage.

Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Oil Ampules

I have been using these ampules for the past three months and can truly say they have made a huge difference in my hair! All you need to so to apply these ampules, is dampen hair from rots to ends. Apply oil from roots to ends. Leave on for a couple hours and wash out. Do this one time per week and your hair will be completely revived! I personally like to leave the oil in for a whole day. I simply apply the oil, braid my hair and forget its there until the end of the day!

Self care is easy when you have the right tools! And this is a definite “right” tool for healthy and shiny hair. For more information watch our youtube channel! Stay happy, stay healthy and stay beautiful!

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How to use: Dermalogica Mutlivitamin Thermofoliant

As we all know, exfoliating is a major step in our weekly skincare routine. Exfoliating offers all skin types a multitude of benefits. It eliminates dead skin cells from the surface of our skin, which create dullness and clog pores. It promotes healthy cell turn over, purify pores, and promote overall radiance. Exfoliating also helps to create a smoother texture and more even skin tone.

When it comes to exfoliants, there are two types, physical (which are the ones we use at home) and chemical (professional use). Physical exfoliators utilize grains to refine your skin. Chemical exfoliators utilize chemicals such as acids and enzymes to refine your skin.

There are currently countless options for all skin types when it comes to at home exfoliating. There are both physical and chemical options to meet your specific skincare needs. One of my favorite, at home exfoliators is the Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermofoliant. It is the perfect combination of both physical and chemical for all skin types. Containing a mixture of grains. Vitamin C, Hyaluronoc Acid and Retonol; this multitasking wonder truly transforms your skin. It helps to refine skin texture, promote radiance, even skin tone and diminish fine lines. It leaves your skin so soft!

To use Dermalogica Multivitamin Microfoliant, start by cleansing skin. Pat dry, and mist with a hydrating mist or rose water. Then apply a small amount onto your fingertips and warm up before starting to apply onto your face and neck. This formula warms up as you start to massage it gently into your skin. This helps to further purify your pores and promote circulation. Massage gently in a circular manner for about 2 minutes and them wash off with lukewarm water.

Your skin will feel and look amazing! I also like to use this on my hands and feet. I feel that it is such an amazing skin-refining polish that it truly helps to transform your skin all over! Dermalogica multivitamin Microfoliant can be used one to two times per week. Always follow up with a nourishing toner, and your day time or nighttime skin oil and moisturizer.

Want glowing, smooth and youthful skin? Look no further than my new favorite skin treatment, Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermofoliant. Stay happy, stay healthy and stay beautiful!

Watch how to use Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermofoliant
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The Perfect Natural Lipstick for Everyday Makeup

As an on the go mom, I truly do not take more than 10 minutes in the morning to get ready and go. This means being a natural minimalist when it comes to my makeup. My go-to makeup items that I cannot leave the house without include mascara, brow gel, blush, and lipstick. I like it to be quick, simple, natural, and pretty.

Always on the lookout for a pretty, blush lip color… I have recently discovered a moisture-rich, slightly satin finish lipstick by my all-time favorite cosmetics brand Tom Ford Beauty. If you have tried Tom Ford lipsticks before, you know they are amazing! the formula is rich in color, they are made with essential oils to prevent dryness, and the color is always fantastic. My new favorite color? Tom Ford Boys & Girls # 10 Ellie.

Ellie is a beautiful blush, pink with the slightest bit of shimmer. It looks amazing on all skin tones, goes on smoothly and truly is the perfect natural day time lip color.

The perfect natural, blush lip color for daytime.

Yes, the Boys & Girls collections are teeny tiny lipsticks, which by the way are great for taking in a clutch, your wallet, or simply in your makeup without taking too much room up. However, for the retail price of $36.00, they may seem a bit of a steep purchase. The good news is, is offering this beautiful color for only $22.00! that is a price that I can certainly be happy about.

Treat yourself to a little luxury this weekend! try Tom Ford Ellie and look, feel, and be fabulous! I would even like to share my little secret about this color, it looks beautiful on your eye-lids and as a soft blush! Almost like a multiple! LOVE!!!!

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How to use Bioderma Crealine Solution Micellaire

Bioderma Solution Micellaire is a multi-tasking skin wonder. For those who are not familiar with micellar water, let’s start with a brief introduction. Micellaire water has for years, and years been the most popular cleanser throughout France. This is a multi-functional product that can be used as a make-up remover, cleanser, toner, and skin refresher. It is light, nourishing, and absolutely refreshing.

Created mostly of oil-based ingredients, micellar water is the perfect cleanser, toner and makeup remover for all skin types. It does not require you to wash it out, and leaves skin soft and free of residue without depleting your skin of its natural moisture. The main ingredient in micellar water is micelles. Micelles are created when soap molecules are added to water. therefore micellar water is basically soap molecules that have been mixed with water. When make-up, dirt, oil, and environmental impurities are exposed to micelles the result is that all these impurities are quickly lifted out of the skin, without depleting moisture.

When utilizing micellar water to cleanse, you simply apply it onto a cotton swab and then gently dab onto the skin. When using micellar water to remove water-proof makeup, dab the cotton swab onto eyes and leave there allowing the makeup to start to be removed from the lashes. You never have to rub harshly when using micellar water.

You can also utilize micellar water as a toner to helo nourish skin and bring your skin back to its regular ph levels, and as a skin refresher when exposed to heat, or when you feel your skin needs a bit of moisture.

This is simply an all in one, nourishing, and skin-enhancing product. I personally use it as my morning cleanser. It helps to refresh my skin, and prep it for the day and makeup application. At night I use it to remove my mascara, and fro time to time I spritz it on my skin when at the park to help refresh my skin. Micellaire water is a beauty maker! try it today and see the difference within your skin.

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Why get a Keratin Treatment?

There is nothing more frustrating than going outside and having your beautiful hairstyle turn into a bird’s nest! Frizz is not our friend, neither is humidity. It simply makes it tougher for us to maintain control of our hair. Luckily for us, Keratin Complex has created an array of different smoothing systems that basically take care of any and all hair concerns.

Let’s start by understanding why we need keratin replenishment. Our hair is made of 90% keratin. With age, chemical styling, and environmental damage we start to lose these natural keratin bonds, and out hair becomes both weak and dull. Keratin protects your hair both internally and externally. Internally it keeps it from breaking and maintains the hair shaft strong. Externally it protects it from dullness.

Keratin treatments today do more than smooth hair. They add shine, strengthen the inner hair shaft, enhance elasticity, protect against frizz, and cut down on styling time. The new versions of natural keratin, are FDA approved and are void of the toxic ingredients which the original; treatments were made.

Keratin Complex has created an array of Natural Keratin Treatments that help to smooth, enhance shine, protect, and strengthen your hair. These treatments are customized for your hair types, hair color, and desired finish. Within this new family of natural keratin treatments is the classic, Keratin Complex Natural Smoothing Keratin Treatment. This treatment can be used by all hair types. It is created to help create smoother hair, with enhanced shine and reduce styling time. This is not a straightening treatment! This is a smoothing treatment, which basically means it helps to smoothen your hair, not straighten it. therefore if you have very curly hair, your hair will not dry straight! It will dry with less curl.

There is also a Natural Treatment for Blondes. This treatment is designed for those with weak and damaged hair. It is created for more sensitive hair. The process for application differed in regards to the initial wash, however, it yields the same results as with the regular Natural Keratin Treatment.

There is the Express Blowout, created for those who do not want to spend over an hour at the salon. The Express Blowout offers the same smoothing and strengthening results, however, it lasts less time. This treatment usually only takes about an hour to apply and allows you to wash your hair the same day.

Lastly, there is the Personalized Blowout Treatment. This treatment allows you to customize your results. You can create super smooth hair, or define your natural curls. This is a personalized treatment that enhances shine, style and strength.

Natural keratin Treatments can truly enhance all hair types. It is a natural boost to your hair’s overall health and shine. Maintenance for these treatments is quite easy as well. Using a sulfate free shampoo maintains the treatment longer. Want healthy, shiny hair? try a Natural Keratin Treatment!

There is a Natural keratin Treatment to enhance every hair type!
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How to Avoid Buying Inauthentic Haircare & Beauty Products Online

Shopping online for your favorite beauty products can sometimes get a little tricky. Lately, it seems more and more you hear about inauthentic products being sold all over the internet. Even on the most trusted and popular marketplaces, you find that inauthentic products sneak in from time to time.

Assuring the products you are buying online are authentic starts with choosing a trusted website. The larger marketplaces, although very popular and convenient, many times commingle their products. Commingling, is when products from different third party sellers are stored in one large warehouse. When you order a product from a marketplace, you may be getting one of the many products that are mixed together from various sellers. This means, that although you may be buying from a trusted third party, you cannot be certain the product you are receiving comes from their batch. It is simply too difficult for the marketplace to keep track of each seller’s items in a giant warehouse with hundreds of thousands of products.

For this reason, it is always a good idea to buy either directly from the seller you already know and trust, or assure the party that you are purchasing from on the marketplace ships the item themselves from their private warehouse. Fulfillment by the marketplace means the product may be commingled!

Next, remember that a trusted seller always offers you a satisfaction guarantee. A seller that stands behind their products is a seller that you can trust is giving you an authentic product. That is yet another problem you may encounter with the larger marketplaces. The marketplace may offer a satisfaction guarantee on the products they sell themselves, but that may not apply to all the third-party sellers.

Buying online remains one of the most popular methods of shopping in this day and age. However it does not have to be a hassle. Be a smart shopper and get to know the marketplaces and the sellers that are available to you. Keep in mind that sometimes it is the smaller businesses that offer not only the better prices but also the more personalized service. This means you can rest assured that what you are purchasing is authentic.

To get more information on better understanding how to buy online and assure you are not getting inauthentic products check out our latest video!

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How to Survive Homeschooling

For many of us, these past two months have entirely transformed our day to day lives. We have adjusted to a new norm that is quite challenging. Along with having to stay at home, remain separated from friends and family, and working from home…many of us have also begun homeschooling our children. This may be the most challenging change for some of us. It means having to play teacher with our own child, disciplining them, keeping them to a schedule that allows them to complete work, have lunch, and play. To say the least, it is an enormous undertaking.

Having been a kindergarten teacher for many years, this of course, comes naturally to me. However, even given that advantage, it is certainly not easy. Homeschooling is challenging. I have one child to homeschool, a 6-year-old, and I can certainly say this past month has brought upon a whole new appreciation for educators and the hard work they do every day. I also greatly appreciate parents with multiple kids! How do you do it?

In an attempt to make homeschooling go smoothly, I have created a schedule. This schedule helps my son stay on track, and helps me organize myself between teaching him and working. There is a set time to wake up, a time for breakfast, breaks, lunch, etc. I have this schedule posted so that he and I see what to expect each day. Some days we keep to the schedule and everything is done on time! Some days, we break it, and things are completed later than expected. What I have learned is that you have to be flexible with your child and with yourself. If they need a break and you see that they are not attending, and therefore not learning, allow them time to breathe, run, play. If you need a break because you are having a tough time, take it! Go for a walk, call a friend, have a glass of wine! There are no rules set in stone! There is no right and wrong, no absolutes…at least I do not believe so. What we have is what works for each of us individually.

Frustration is easily experienced throughout this time. Remember we have all been locked up in our homes. This not only affects our emotional health but our children’s as well. When you see your child struggle, or when they say they don’t want to do the work, do not take it personally. It’s not you… its the situation we are all under. And when you are frustrated, take a break and do something for yourself.

Most of all, use your resources. Teachers are still available to help us. I cannot speak for everyone out there, but i am beyond fortunate to have a fantastic teacher who has made this process quite easy. She has made herself available throughout the day for zoom lessons, zoom reading, face timing with kids individually to maintain morale, and even touching base with parents to keep up our own morale. This is a new experience for all of us… parents, kids, teachers, schools. The best way to get through it is to count on one another and to support one another.

Most of all, remember that you are doing a great job! You are doing your best, and so is your child! Give both yourself and them a break and take things a day at a time. At the end of the day take some time to share what they did that was fantastic, it could be their reading or math or maybe they were just helpful! Compliment them, say thank you to the teachers for their support, and give yourself a little compliment as well. We are all in this together… let’s make sure to get through it positively!

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How to protect your hair from the sun.

With the summer heat upon us, we should all start creating a healthy sun care routine. This pertains not only to our skin but also to our hair. Our hair, much like our skin, easily becomes damaged from exposure to UV rays. The sun’s powerful rays create dullness, frizz, and dryness. The good news is, there are countless products created to help shield your hair from the sun. One of my favorites is the Kerastase Soleil Masque UV Defense Active. This hair treatment is made for those with color-treated hair, however, it can be used by and benefit all hair types.

Kerastase Soleil Masque protects your hair from dullness, dryness and sun damage.

Formulated with moisture-rich ingredients such as essential oils and antioxidants, this sun-protecting mask helps shield your hair from sun damage, provide extra moisture and preventing dullness. It leaves your hair extra soft and acts like a deep conditioning treatment activated by the sun’s heat. This hair mask repairs, enhances, and strengthens your hair with each use.

The results of these sun-protecting masks are great. They truly make a difference in your hair. For someone like myself, who has dry hair that tends to get frizzy, sun protection is a must. I always feel my hair is left softer, shinier and much healthier after a treatment.

Using the mask is very easy. Start by making your hair damp, not wet! A simple rule to follow whenever you are applying a hair treatment mask, is to apply on damp hair. When your hair is soaking wet, the water within the hair shaft repels the treatment. When hair is damp, it allows the treatment to become absorbed into the hair shaft. I like to spray my hair with water to dampen it just enough. Then I apply the mask from roots to ends. Comb through using a wide-toothed comb or a wet brush, to help spread the treatment evenly throughout hair. Braid hair, or place in a bun, and you are ready to go spend a day in the sun.

Once you are done for the day, simply wash the mask out, then proceed to shampoo and condition your hair as usual. You will surely see the enhanced results and love how your hair feels.

For more information, checkout out Youtube channel where I have posted a how to video for the Kerastase Soleil Mask!

Stay Happy, Stay healthy, and Stay Beautiful!

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Hyaluronic Acid, Why it’s Great for Your Skin

Hyaluronic Acid is your go to skincare ingredient for dewy, plump and smooth skin. It is one of the most talked about ingredients when it comes to anti aging and glowing skin. Our skin naturally produces hyaluronic acid. The most amazing fact about this anti aging superhero is that it is your key to optimal moisture.

As we age, our body’s ability to product hyaluronic acid begins to decrease. This is why it is so important to make sure you add this potent ingredient to your daily skin care routine. Its all about maintaining your skin’s moisture and density.

Hyaluronic acid is found in many anti aging skin care products. You find it in moisturizers, eye creams and serums. Our favorite way to include it within our daily skin care routine is through serum form. Serums are found to be the most effectively absorbed. Hyaluronic serums will enhance your moisturizer and assure your skin is always plump, nourished and absolutely glowing.

The best way to apply your hyaluronic acid serum is to use at night. Apply the serum on face and neck of clean skin. Apply serum before your moisturizer and after your eye cream. When applying onto skin, do so gently in an upward manner.

Utilizing hyaluronic acid on a nightly basis will assure your skin is moisturized, plump and always wakes up glowing.

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Best Way to Apply Moisturizer

Two of the most important steps to your daily skincare include cleansing and moisturizing. For this very reason, it is so important to know how to do each step properly, as to assure that your skin is getting the best care with each step. Knowing how to apply your moisturizer may seem as a very simple process, but there actually is a correct way to go about it.

Moisturizing is as important as drinking water for your skin. Ewe simply cannot say it enough, the number one cause of aging is dehydration. Your skin needs hydration, it needs to maintain its moisture levels and when it is properly cared for, it simply looks healthier, more youthful and more plump. No matter what type of skin you may have, hydration and moisture are on the top on your list for healthy and youthful skin.

To get the most out of your moisturizer, apply onto clean and slightly damp skin. Skin that is damp is more able to absorb creams and lotions. The slight dampness of the skin also allows the moisturizer to truly lock in moisture and assure that your skin is protected from dryness and dehydration.

We also suggest that you think of applying a facial oil after your moisturizer. The facial oil will not replace your moisturizer; it will help to enhance it. Facial oils add an extra layer of moisture and help to protect your skin from environmental residue acting as an additional layer.

When applying your moisturizer, always use your fingertips. Start at the center of your face and work your way out as if you are gently massaging your skin. This outward motion helps to promote circulation and also helps to assure the moisturizer is being absorbed.

Applying your moisturizer is very easy, however there is a right way and a wrong way! Make sure you are making the most out of your moisturizer; after all moisturized skin is youthful skin.

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