How to use Ceramides for Youthful Skin

Ceramides are a must for anyone who is concerned with maintaining their sin healthy, radiant and youthful. Naturally found within your skin’s epidermal layer, ceramides are the binding element that help to maintain your skin protected from fine lines and dryness. They maintain your skins moisture protected and help to create a smooth surface.

Being someone that is absolutely obsessed with skincare, I am always on the lookout for new products to try. There are very few that I can say I have stuck to over time and continued to purchase. Among those cult favorites of my own are the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules.

The Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules are basically little gel capsules full of ceramide serum. The serum is super smooth and easily glides onto skin and absorbs. They leave your skin feeling smooth and super hydrated. I like to use them when I travel as they are so easy to take with you. I also love that these little capsules can be used so many other ways.

I use the ceramide capsules on my cuticles when they are dry. They leave my hands smooth and my nails and cuticles looking super healthy. I use them on my feet when I sleep with socks in the winter to also moisturize my cuticles! I find they are such a great source of hydration that sometimes I even use them all over as a body moisturizer when I travel. These little capsules can simply do no wrong.

If you are searching for a moisture rich product to use at home or on the go, these little capsules are a must try!

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Product Review: The Ordinary Peeling Solution

Always on the lookout for a great at home peel, I decided to try one of the more affordable skincare brands on the market. For those who do not know The Ordinary Skincare yet, you will definitely start to pay attention. This skincare brand offers really great products for super affordable prices. One of their top selling items is their peeling solution. Created with 30% AHA and 2 % BHA this is a great anti aging at home treatment.

Let’s face it, we do not all have the time or the money to go to the spa and get a peel. I personally do not have the time. Therefore, when I find a great at home solution I am ecstatic! This week I went out and purchased a couple of the products that I have been wanting to try for the past few months. Among them was The Ordinary 30% AHA 2 % BHA Peeling Solution. This little bottle retails for $7.20. Lets be real girls and boys, you cannot beat that price! I mean even if you do not like it, it’s not like you broke the bank. It costs less than a Starbucks coffee.

The Ordinary 30% AHA 2 % BHA Peeling Solution promises brighter and more even toned skin. This is a quick ten minute exfoliating peel that helps to eliminate pore congestion and diminish the appearance of blemishes. The directions say to apply onto dry skin after cleansing. So wash your face. then allow your skin to dry and apply the peel with your finger tips. Avoid your eyes! leave on for 10 minutes and wash with lukewarm water. Follow up with your moisturizer or moisturizing face oil. It is suggested to be used at night. No more than twice a week.

Apply peeling solution onto dry. clean skin. leave on for no more than 10 minutes.

I used the peeling solution for the first time today. The solution itself is red. The texture is almost gel like. Goes on smoothly and immediately begins to tingle. I did feel a little bit of burning but nothing alarming. After about 5 minutes the brining did stop. After 10 minutes it felt a lot more comfortable. Once washed off my skin did look brighter.

After 10 minutes wash off with lukewarm water.

Would I recommend this peel? Yes! Absolutely. For the cost it is definitely worth it. I do however suggest that if you have sensitive or slightly sensitive skin that you spot treat first to make sure it is not too strong.

It is always great to find affordable products! This is a must for those searching for a brightening peel. Happy skin, happy life!

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My Skincare Obsessions

If I were to name the two things I am obsessed about, the first would be my son and the second would be skincare. I am a self proclaimed skincare junkie. I have countelss serums, oils, creams, toners at all times available. You may think I cannot realistically use them all! The truth is, I do. I interchange between the products I have. There is a use and a time for every single oil, serum, toner and cream.

For those who can relate to my skincare obsession, you understand that skincare is critical. We spend thousands on Botox, Fillers and so many other cosmetic procedures. My thinking is…were we to simply take better care of our skin from the beginning we would not need to spend as much on cosmetic procedures!

My first skincare obsession is skin oil. I love how skin oils feel. I love how they leave my skin glowing and I truly love the difference I have seen in my skin since using skin oil both during the day and at night. My all time favorite skin oil is a cult favorite. Vinter’s Daughter is the Holy Grail of skin oils. Anyone that is skincare obsessed knows about this oil. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is as amazing as it is pricey.

If the Vinter’s Daughter Oil is a bit too pricey, you want to try a great alternative. I have been using the Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules on alternating days. These capsules are full of the smoothest and silkiest oil ever. leaves your skin so soft, glowing and super moisturized. I even like to use them on my cuticles! The price is very reasonable, therefore you won’t need to break the bank with each purchase. The ceramide formula is a super anti aging mix that truly enhances your skins overall feel and glow.

I am also obsessed with serums. For those wondering, yes there is a difference between a face oil and a face serum. Serums are packed with antioxidants. They are more lightweight. They are applied after your skin oil and also help increase radiance. Serums are a big help with regards to anti aging. They help to diminish fine lines, sun spots and truly help to keep your skin looking youthful. I recently discovered a great eye serum that is packed with vitamin C. Prevage Anti Aging Eye Serum. This little tube helps to almost instantly erase dark circles around the eyes. It also helps to promote brighter eyes.

My go to day and night time cream as of lately has been La Prairie Anti Stress Cream. The feel of this cream is amazing. Your skin immediately feels so soft and so happy. Yes, my skin actually feels happy. It is a great anti aging, anti fatigue cream that moms like myself truly love. It is a great pick me up for those Mondays especially after an entire weekend of running around with my son.

I also love to use Sunday Riley Good Genes. I use this cream mostly at night. The AHA formula helps to create a refreshed look in the morning and promotes cell regeneration. It is super lightweight and truly leaves your skin looking younger.

These are just some of my all time favorite and can’t be without skincare products. There are so many more! As I stated earlier I truly believe in skincare. I think if you take good care of your skin there is less reason to go towards more evassive procedures later. Spend a little more now and save a lot later in life girls!

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Best Non Oily Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes and Skin

For those with sensitive eyes, skin or wear contacts finding a gentle makeup remover is challenging. Most makeup removers irritate and dry out your eyes. They can also leave your skin oily and create breakouts. Even those which say they are for sensitive skin can be harsh. Most makeup removers use oils to dilute your eye makeup. these oils create irritations for both your eyes and your skin.

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Breast Cancer

Six months ago I went for my first mammogram. Having turned 40 this year, my OBGYN reminded me it was time. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous. I had heard the testing was painful and uncomfortable. I didn’t look forward to going through process or having to worry about results. Not that I expected to have any negative results given to me. I do not have any history of Breast Cancer in my family. However this is just one of those things you don’t forward to.

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Lash Perming and Lash Tinting

Always ready to try new things, I was very excited to try lash perming and lash tinting. The idea of having darker and curled lashes without the need for mascara is very exciting. The one thing I never leave the house without is mascara. I never use a lash curler, however that is simply because I am a bit lazy when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Getting my four year old and myself ready for school in the morning means I have very little prep time. Mornings allow me enough time to take a shower, brush my hair, apply blush, mascara and get out the door.

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Teaching and Showing Kindness

It seems more and more we are seeing a need for a change in our world and in our hearts. As a mother, it worries me to see the rage all around. It seems people are angrier than ever. We are less tolerant and there is less kindness than ever in our world. And this is creating a very scary world for our children.

I do not recall violence in my school. I cannot recall ever having to worry about a school shooting. When I think back to the world I grew up in and compare that to the world my son is growing up in, it troubles me.I want my son to go to school and be happy. I want him to have friends. I want him to treat everyone kindly and in return be treated kindly as well.

That word…kindness… seems so important right now. I have always taught Joseph to be kind. To be kind to everyone. I have taught him throughout his almost 5 years in this world, that everyone deserves a smile. I have taught him that everyone deserves a kindness. Everyone deserves kindness as does he.

My contributions to this world is to try my best to bring up a kind human being. I want my son to grow up to be a gentleman. A man that respects women. A man that respects everyone. I want him to understand that you never really know what is going on in anyone else’s world. They may seem fine on the outside, but you never know what is going on inside.

For this reason alone, I think kindness is so important. It is my belief, my hope… that if we just treat everyone with a little more kindness it may help heal this very angry world we live in. It certainly needs to heal in order to allow our children to grow up to be happy and secure.

Kindness is a very strong word. I believe kindness can help change our world. You may call me naive, but I do believe it and I am teaching my son to believe the same. I am teaching him the strength of a smile. The power of a kind gesture. I am teaching my son that kindness opens hearts and creates acceptance.

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Best Hand Lotion for Soft Hands

As a stay at home mother I am always using my hands. If not making lunch for my little one, or cleaning up after his messes, I am doing laundry or cleaning all around the house. It is certainly a nonstop job. I can tell you one thing for sure, it was much easier to be part of the work force than to stay at home and take care of my family. Unfortunately it is my hands and nails that suffer the most. My manicurist is always telling me to wear gloves. For the most part I do wear gloves, especially when cleaning the house. However, I can’t reach for gloves every time I go to wash a dish, or clean something. It is just not practical. Needless to say, soft and moisturized hands and nails are very difficult for me to maintain.

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Healthy Hair on the Go

When on the go it is sometimes difficult to maintain healthy hair that looks and feels great. For us busy, busy hair enthusiasts it is always exciting when we find a product that makes maintaining our hair easy. One of our latest finds which we are excited about is the Kerastase Chronologist Parfum Oil for All Hair Types. For those familiar with the Chronologist line, it is all about healthy hair!

This amazing and beautiful smelling oil melts into your hair. No greasy residue, no oily appearance. It quickly absorbed, leaving your hair looking, feeling and smelling beautiful. Chronologist Parfum Oil helps guard your hair from dryness, dullness and fights frizz. There is simply an endless list of benefits from this amazing perfumed oil. Best of all it offers healthy hair to everyone, no matter what hair type you have.

The travel vials are amazing because you can keep them in your makeup bag. At the end of a busy day all you have to do is add a couple drops of Kerastase Chronologist Parfum Oil and your hair is revived and transformed. Maintaining healthy hair and beautiful hair on the go is truly easy when you have the right tool! Try Kerastase Chronologist Parfum Oil in travel sized vials for every day perfect hair.

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Keratin Serum

Keratin is one of the ingredients that I consider a must for my hair. Always in a constant struggle to get my hair to behave and ward away frizz simply becomes more challenging by the day. This is why when I find a new hair product that actually works, I become beyond excited. I know this sounds silly for most, but for those hair obsessed girls like myself, I am sure you understand.

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