Blogger Of The Week: Billie Carroll


Billie Carroll is one of our favorite bloggers of the moment, and we know you will love her too. Combine NYC chic with island-girl vibes and you get Billie. Sounds tough, but this girl makes it work. Billie lives between New York City and the Bahamas and we love to follow her traveling journey because she does it with such effortless style and grace.

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Beautyvice Review: Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution


I wanted to do a quick test of this eye makeup remover because I felt my go-to makeup wipes were becoming a bit harsh. Let me start out by saying that I do not have particularly sensitive skin. Despite what I use on my face, I really do not have breakouts. However, I typically use a makeup remover wipe or cold cream to take my makeup off (usually a drugstore brand) but I feel I should be using something a bit gentler as I get older.

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Coconut Oil – Get On The Bandwagon


By now we’ve all heard the million and one health and beauty benefits from coconut oil, right? But can swishing this goop around in our mouths and smearing it all over our bodies really be worth it? Yes. The answer is 100% yes.

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Natural Remedies for Flu Symptoms


I’m writing this blog post from my bed on a gloomy, rainy (and dare I say, almost cold) Tuesday afternoon in Miami. No, I don’t have the day off; I have the beginnings of the flu. Given the situation I am in, I decided to share some of my favorite remedies for flu symptoms, which I swear by when I start feeling that tingle in the back of my throat.

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Top Five Beauty Products You Need This Winter


No matter where we live, the winter months can have a harsh effect on our delicate skin. The cold can leave us feeling dry, cracked and flaky- definitely not putting our best #selfie face forward. But have no fear! There are a few beauty products you can stock up on that will have your face feeling fine in no time….

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