Keratin Serum

Keratin is one of the ingredients that I consider a must for my hair. Always in a constant struggle to get my hair to behave and ward away frizz simply becomes more challenging by the day. This is why when I find a new hair product that actually works, I become beyond excited. I know this sounds silly for most, but for those hair obsessed girls like myself, I am sure you understand.

One of my latest finds, which works wonders for smoothing and shine is CHI Keratin Silk Infusion Keratin & Silk Reconstructive Complex Damaged & Dry Hair. I am not sure if I consider this a serum or hair oil, or simply a hair leave in treatment. None the less, it is magic in a bottle. I use it both before I blow dry my hair and after. As a restyling it helps to leave my hair smooth and soft. As a hair serum, it adds incredible shine and softness, and best of all the keratin helps to ward away frizz no matter how humid it is outside.

I have used this little magic keratin serum daily on mid lengths, to help add smoothness and shine and it has not weighed down may hair at all. I also love that it doesn’t feel or look greasy. The smell is extremely soft yet very beautiful and it is very affordable. You simply cannot loose with Chi Silk Infusion.

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