Night Time Skin Routine

As a busy mom that now has her son at home all day, every day, it has become even more challenging to take time for me. One of the things that I miss most of “me” time is getting facials and manicures! This is why it has been so important for me to maintain a healthy and relaxing night time skin routine for myself.

Creating a relaxing, healthy, and youth-boosting night time skin routine is easy. As long as you have the right tools, know the proper techniques, and can take at least 15 minutes for yourself! I find the 15 minutes tends to be the most challenging; at least in my home, 15 minutes without interruption os very difficult to get. That is why getting into the right state of mind is probably the most essential step. After my son is put to bed, we have read a book, and he is either asleep or getting to sleep; I take recluse in my bathroom. I like to light a candle, play some soft music, and try to focus on me for these few minutes. Again, there is no certainty that there will not be interruptions, but I find the between the candle and the music, it does help to relax my brain and the stresses from the day.

Once I am in front of the mirror, I start by removing my makeup. I do not use a lot of makeup. I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup application. However, I still think it’s essential to thoroughly cleanse my skin, as between the environmental pollution, lotions from the day, touching my face, and cooking; I do feel my skin has residue on it by night. I love to double cleanse. Double cleansing means that I start by cleaning my skin with an oil cleanser and then follow up with a cream or foaming cleanser. My current skincare obsession is the Living Libations Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn Oil. This is a cleanser, makeup remover, and skin moisturizer. It is an all in one skin miracle for all skin types. Even if you have oily skin, this oil will heal and enhance your skin without causing excess oiliness or breakouts. To use this oil, you first warm it up in your hands, then gently massage it around your face to help remove makeup. I also like to run it smoothly on my lashes to remove my mascara. After I have massaged my face with the oil, I clean the oil off with lukewarm water on a cotton round. I then follow up with my foaming cleanser.

After my foaming cleanser, I always use a toner and an essence to help purify and nourish my skin. Then I proceed to use either a vitamin c serum or a hyaluronic acid serum. I am currently loving the Barabar Sturm Anti Aging Serum. I apply the serum onto my skin, and then I use my Derma Roller to help the serum better absorb. Next, I apply my night moisturizer, which is also rich in texture. I love Biologique Recherche Plasma Cream! It does not smell or look pretty, but it works wonders in rejuvenating your skin. Last, I once again massage two drops of the Seabuckthorn Oil onto my face.

I am careful to take time between each step to care for my skin properly, allow the product to absorb before layering the next. I also take time to massage my face and promote healthy circulation, relaxation, and wellness. For more information, watch my latest Youtube video, where I go through the entire routine for you! Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay beautiful!

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