The Price of Healing

The price of healing healing can be quite high when you start searching for an effective treatment for your skin. I recently experienced a terrible incident using Nair on my face. I was using the cream to remove those annoying hairs at the edge of my lips and sideburns. Having used Nair many times before, I never expected an adverse reaction.

The cream was on my skin for no more than 30 seconds before I started to feel a sever burning. I immediately grabbed a wet towel and started to remove it. When I looked in the mirror I was horrified to find my skin had blistered and highly sensitive. I tried to gently touch the area and it felt like needles on my skin. This is when I learned the true price of healing.

This took place late at night, therefore I immediately grabbed what I had available which was Neosporin. I kept the areas slathered with it throughout the night. The next morning I was determined to find the best solution for my skin. I started to do the research on chemical burns and everyone suggested using Neosporin, which I was doing. However I felt it was not good enough. My skin was red, blistered and it looked like I had a scabby mustache. I simply could not just wait and hope I would not end up with scarring or skin discoloration. This was not an acceptable resolution. I continued to research the best method and products to help my skin heal and found a very pricey solution.

We are all very familiar with the skincare line La Mer. This line is very expensive, apparently created for astronauts and persons with sever skin needs. They have one product, the La Mer Concentrate, made with sea kelp and created to heal and restore skin, which seemed the answer to my troubles. The product however cost $180 for a small half ounce bottle! Yes for a whole $180 you get half an ounce. It seems the price of healing is quite high.

Desperate as I was, i ran to the department store and asked for a sample. I was not going to purchase the product without at least using it once. The sales person let me have a small sample as she explained the amazing healing powers of this very expensive serum. Apparently everyone that needs to heal burned, scarred, just out f surgery or any other sever skin problem buys this serum. I went home and tried my on day sample and became an instant believer.

The first big difference I noticed was that my skin didn’t feel in pain or stiff. I also noticed the redness start to disappear. I continued to apply the serum throughout the night. When I woke up I could not believe how much better my face looked! The scabbing was less obvious and my skin was no longer red or blistered. As a believer I of course ran to the store and purchased the very expensive serum. Yes, it is a bit excessive to pay $180 for half an ounce of serum, but my skin was healing and doing so very fast.

It took La Mer Concentrate three short days to complete;y heal my chemical burn. Yes, the price of healing was expensive, but the results were very much worth it.

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