Best Natural Skin Care Products

If you are joining the organic bandwagon that many of us are, then there is definitely one thing on your mind! Finding the best natural skin care products is a must for yourself and your children if you are interested in taking on a new more organic routine. The good news is that these days, […]

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Lip Fillers

Ok, so about a month ago I went for my usual botox injections and decided to try lip fillers for the first time. This was a truly bold decision as I have heard they are extremely painful and was terrified that my lips would end up looking crazy like a duck. So after about four […]

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Brazilian Blowout

As the summer heat starts to sizzle so does our hair. For many of us, this means a lot of unruly hair and a whole lot of frizz. Not very pretty and certainly not very attractive. This is why many of us are sprinting to get a Brazilian Blowout ASAP to help control our unruly […]

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Braided Hairstyles

One of the top trends in hair right now is the braid. Let’s face it, braids are beautiful, fun, and pretty easy to achieve with a quick tutorial! Braided Hairstyles are also the perfect choice for summer hair, a time that we are running around and certainly do not want our hair getting in the […]

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Baby Doll Ysl Mascara Review

I have to start this blog with a quick confession about myself. Although I am a makeup junkie that loves makeup, I am a bit lazy about makeup. I do not like foundation and therefore never wear it. I feel concealer looks cake-like so don’t use it.

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The Best Cleanser For Your Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, you have probably stumbled upon the challenge of finding the best cleanser for both oily and dry/normal skin. Since having my son, my skin has become combination, with the oiliest part being my t-zone and the rest of my skin running dry to normal.

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Blogger Of The Week: Billie Carroll

Billie Carroll is one of our favorite bloggers of the moment, and we know you will love her too. Combine NYC chic with island-girl vibes and you get Billie. Sounds tough, but this girl makes it work. Billie lives between New York City and the Bahamas and we love to follow her traveling journey because […]

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Beautyvice Review: Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution

I wanted to do a quick test of this eye makeup remover because I felt my go-to makeup wipes were becoming a bit harsh. Let me start out by saying that I do not have particularly sensitive skin. Despite what I use on my face, I really do not have breakouts. However, I typically use […]

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