Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, most of us are running around shopping for that special mother, grandmother, teacher, stepmother, etc.…in our life. It is a day full of flowers, food, perfume, and celebration.

Having just experienced my first Mother’s Day just two years ago, I now have a new appreciation for what this day is really about. It is not about the gifts (although getting a fabulous pair of shoes or handbag on that day is always exciting). It is not about the food (however brunch at the Ritz is always great). Those things are nice of course, I mean who doesn’t like to be pampered and spoiled once in a while, especially when you spend most of your time pampering and spoiling those around you.

Mother’s Day is about a special bond that only a mother can understand. It is about a love that is unbreakable and absolutely limitless. About the union that started the day you first saw that little flutter in an ultrasound.

Mother’s Day is a day to spend with your children and simply celebrate that you are so fortunate to have this special love and bond in your life. I just recently started reading the book, “ The Rainbow Comes and Goes” by Anderson Cooper and his Mother Gloria Vanderbilt. It is a beautiful book about Cooper and his mother’s letters to one another basically getting to know each other better. A beautiful gift for any mother who has a son!

This is what Mother’s day is about it; is about a bond. A bond no one can understand but you and your child. I don’t know if I have mentioned this, but I also have three stepchildren. Three beautiful children that I have seen grow, and would like to think have played an important role in their upbringing. I share a bond with each of them as well. And even though I am not their biological mother (nor would ever want to take over that position, as I know it is sacred), I like to think I am a mother figure to them and love them as if they were my own.

You see being a mother is more than just giving birth. It is loving, crying, sharing, sacrificing and doing so every day in hopes that you are helping that child grow and become a happy adult. My stepchildren are wonderful and they certainly prepared me for having my own little wonder. They taught me about sacrifice, about loving and heartbreak and how all that heartbreak and arguing and sacrifices are worth it in the end. For the day you see them walk across a stage and get a diploma, or the day you leave them in college, or the day they simply give you a card that is written with the most beautiful and soulful words…it is all worth it.

This is what Mother’s day is about. It is about sharing and celebrating the beautiful moments and memories that our children have brought us…I wish all mothers out there a beautiful and happy Mother’s Day.

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